Thursday, October 13, 2011

Revisiting the Vision, Mission, Objectives, Programs and Activities of Children First


The Children First International envisions a world society where children's basic human rights are protected and their human dignity upheld.


It is the mission of the Children First International to work with children and for children towards building for themselves a secured future worthy of their human dignity.


A. Facilitate the enabling of people’s organization to establish their own community managed structures, mechanisms and programs that are designed to effectively respond to the needs and problems of children in their communities.

B. Encourage, support, facilitate and implement community-initiated campaigns, advocacy, and participatory action research programs meant to respond to the issues of child labor, children in prostitution, street children, children victims of sexual abuse, children with disability and children victims of armed conflicts.

C. Facilitate the access of children in difficult circumstances to basic health, nutrition, education and other welfare and social services.

D.Encourage, support and facilitate people’s actions promoting children’s right to ecological security and sustainable future.

E. In partnership with the indigenous peoples, develop and implement programs that are designed to promote and protect the interests of indigenous children.

F. Set up a center that would provide the necessary institution-based assistance and service to children victims of sexual violence and other children in difficult circumstances.

G. Facilitate and strengthen networking and solidarity among and between groups advocating for children’s rights and welfare both in the local and international level towards the achievement of a child-friendly world society.

H. Contribute to the over-all struggle of protecting and defending children’s basic human rights.

Programs and Activities

Community Organizing - setting up of community-managed structures and mechanisms that would enable people’s organizations to deliver the needed services to children in their own communities

B. Action Programs - Strategic actions designed to effectively respond to the basic needs and problems of children:

1. Children's Health Project

a. Child to Child Health Project
b. Nutrition Education

c. Children with Disabilities

2. Children Victims of Armed Conflict Survivors Project (In partnership with Peoples Action)

3. Partnership for Development Program

a. Young People to Young People Project
b. Migrants in Partnership with Children in Need Project
c. Celebrities For Children's Cause Project

4. Indigenous Youth Alliance for Culture and Arts (IYACA)

5. Community Action To Stop Child Labor (In partnership with Peoples Action)

6. Children's Action For Environmental Security - CAFES ( In partnership with the Society for Human and Ecological Security)

7. Artists from the Dumps Talent Center

8. Children Against Prejudices (CAP)

C. Research and Documentation - Study of child-related issues in communities and the appropriate interventions.

1. Documentary on the issue of children victims of sexual abuse in the Philippines
2. Documentary on the issue of children victims of prejudice (bullying, homophobia, etc.)

D. Children’s Center - Provision of an institution-based service for children and youth victims of sexual abuse. (In partnership with Huwomanity)

E. Networking - building solidarity relationships with other groups working on children’s concerns both at the local and international level.

F. Campaign/Advocacy - Generate public support and action on children’s issues and concerns.

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